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    What is a Morning Report?

Filed each morning by each company to higher headquarters, the company morning report provided a day-by-day record of unit location, activity, and changes in company personnel. That is, these reports were an “exception-based” accounting of the individuals whose duty status had changed from the previous day. Among the reasons for an individual being listed in this report were: transfer into the unit, promotion or demotion, killed or wounded (including a brief description of wounds), captured or missing in action, transfer to another unit, hospitalization, training, AWOL and desertion. Entries included the soldier’s rank, Army Serial Number, and other information.

This Morning Report is a Roster of thoes that served with C Trp 3rd Sqdn 4 Cav (3/4 Cav) 25th ID in Vietman 1965-1970.  Please note that not all are listed.  Fill in the Sign-in-Sheet or E-mail the Webmaster if you are not listed.

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