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This Page will contain After Action Reports and Daily Staff Journals that I have received from the National Archives.
As of this date I have the following.
NOTE:  Some have been retyped from the copies received to place them on this site, all of the documents have been stamped declassified 873541. (scanning would make them unreadable)
You may want to review this Glossary.

  1. Combat After Action Report - 21 Apr. 1967
    This AAR is from the 2/35th Inf. 3rd Bde. 25th ID - C Trp. was OPCON to them at this time.
  2. Combat After Action Report - 12 May 1967
    This AAR is from the 2/35th Inf. 3rd Bde. 25th ID - C Trp. was OPCON to them at this time.
  3. Combat After Action Report - 19 May thru 20 May 1967
    The Battle of Vinh Hien - This AAR is from the 2/35th Inf. 3rd Bde. 25th ID - C trp. was OPCON to them at this time.o (Curtesy of Jack Reed)

Comments by Bob Gardner, 1LT, C-3/4 Cav
I led the Third Platoon on this mission to relieve an Infantry company under heavy attack.  As we all know, moving armor after dark is never a good idea. Frankly I was scared to death about it but between the flares and the Dragon fire we managed to reach the beleaguered company which was so depleted and low on ammunition they were tossing magazines from firing pit to pit just to keep up a steady fire. Enroute we were attacked several times and, in my opinion the whole platoon should have been decorated. Hardest of all was I had to forbid the use of our main 50's as we were in such close quarters we might have shot each other up. Each track commander was armed with M16 in the turret. We had no tanks. Upon arrival on site, I dispersed the vehicles in a circle and ordered two boxes of 50 cal to be fired out of the perimeter. This seemed to end the attack and shortly Dust-off and resupply helicopters were able to get in.

Reading the CAAR really jogged my memory which isn't that good any more.  It was a night I do remember.

Comments by Joseph G. Wimberley, Driver of Track 40
  1. Combat After Action Report - 27 May thru 30 May 1967
    The Battle of Tan Phong - This AAR is from the 2/35th Inf 3rd Bde 25th Inf Div. - C Trp was OPCON to them during this time.  (Courtesy of Jack Reed)
  2. Combat Operations After Action Report (RCS J3-J2) - Operation SARATOGA
    3/4 Cavalry Ops. - 21 January thru 10 March 1968
  3. Combat Operations After Action Report (RCS: MACV J3-32)
    Department Of The Air Force, HQ 377th Combat Support Group (PACAF) For 0320hrs 31 Jan 1968 through 2100hrs 31 Jan 1968.  Ton Son Nhut AFB.  TET
  4. Commanders Combat Note Number 20
    A report of the actions of the 3d Squadron 4th Cavalry on 31 Jan 1968 from 25th Division Commander. This was sent to me by James Pinto who received this document from Ted Hardies (1st Platoon Leader of C Troop).   
  5. Battle of Tan Son Nhut
    Taken from 25th IDA History.

Daily Journals


Situation Reports


First Hand Accounts


I had a Japanese correspondent ride with me for a while in the Duc Pho area.  We got into a scrape and he wrote it all up in a pamphlet or booklet you might call it, entitled "Vietnam A Voice from the Villages” He obviously had his own slant on things but it does have some historic value, I guess.  Let me know if you can use it.  I have excerpted some of the text from booklet that focuses on 3rd Platoon.


 Bob Taylor (Centaurs) sent this sound file to Steve Uram.  It took place sometime after late Feb 68 as C35 is A. Cooper and C6 is W Shaffer.  Can anyone remember this event?

JDOC - Joint   Defense Operations Center
QRT - Quick Reaction Team
ARVN - Army Republic of Vietnam
SAT - Security Alert Team
TSNSA - Tan Son Nhut Sensitive Area
RSAT - Reserve   Security Alert Team
TSN - Ton Son Nhut
L.F.T./LFT - Light Fire Team
O.F. - Perimeter Post Identifier
J.G.S. - Joint General Staff (South Vietnamese High Command)
VNAF - Vietnamese Air Force
C.P. - Command Post
R.F. - Regional Forces
CSC - Central Security Control
P.F. - Popular Forces
M.G. - Machine Gun
AFAT - Air Force Advisory Team
R.P.G. - Rocket Propelled Grenade
TASK   FORCE 35 - US   Army Augmentation Forces from MACV Annex in to 377th Security Police Squadron
H.E. - High Explosive
TASK FORCE PETER - US Army Augmentation Forces from MACV Annex in support of MACV Compound
SA   / SB / SC - Saber Alpha Units / Saber Bravo Units and Saber Charlie Units - of the 3/4 Cav.
TACC - Tactical Air Control Center
SA   / AW - small arms / automatic weapon
A.K.A. - Also Known As
KHA - Killed Hostile Action
KIA - Killed in Action
WHA - Wounded Hostile Action
MSR - Main Supply Route

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